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  • February 22, 2019

As we say, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, and so are some of the business functions in Mumbai never stop, irrespective of the time of the day or any circumstances. So, is our courier service in Mumbai; AMS courier is the leading courier company in Mumbai that reaches the most remote parts of Mumbai and provides timely delivery of services.

In times when businesses are going online; and users and shopping from the comfort of their homes, you and your business need a reliable courier company to fulfil your customer's needs. And being a leading courier company in Mumbai, we can assist you in the timely delivery of packages.

We provide courier services to a wide range of customers, from giant E-commerce companies to small businesses and individuals. Be it delivering parcels or heavy baggage or gifts to your loved ones;

Why use a courier service?

If you are a business where most of your customers are online and want their products delivered to their doorstep, then hiring a courier company in Mumbai is affordable; As it helps you carry out your business operations efficiently. It can also save your cost of setting up delivery infrastructure.

What are the benefits of hiring a good courier company like AMS Courier?

  • Experts that are responsible
  • You can rely on a courier service to handle your parcels and documents with care. In contrast to big parcel services, committed drivers take their jobs seriously and provide a more individualised experience; From the beginning to the end, we will have clear communication, so you'll always know when your package will be picked up and delivered.

  • Safety and security of your parcel is our utmost priority
  • The experts handling your parcels and documents will preserve them, so the possibility of your courier getting damaged is the least. Safety and security are one of the main reasons to hire a courier delivery service, especially if you have legally important paperwork or delicate medical samples.

  • Affordable Courier Services

    The advantage of using our courier service to ship products and packages is that we have some of the most cost-effective options available. Since extensive parcel delivery services base their prices on weight and dimensions, same-day delivery can be significantly expensive.

    We provide courier services at competitive prices compared to other courier service providers. Our courier service is more cost-effective because we have a large network of delivery guys all over India; which helps us provide better services at a better rate.

  • Quick delivery of Couriers
  • We provide quick delivery services as it has significant advantages in ensuring that your items and documents arrive fast at their destinations. To ensure that the package will arrive on time, you can inform your courier of the delivery time. You may have more control over your parcel delivery with the help of these fantastic services, which will increase your company's productivity.

    Knowing the benefits of our courier service is important as you get to know how we can make your life easier.

  • AMS Courier provides various types of courier services in Mumbai

  • We have different types of courier services to cater to the needs of our customers. Some courier services are Air Services, Cargo services, Surface services, Transport services, and Shipping services.

    Depending on your needs and suitability, you can select the type of service through which you want to send your products.

    However, we can help you understand which courier service is helpful and when. Starting with

  • Air Service
  • For packages, be they lighter items, smaller parcels or precious parcels, which are to be delivered quickly overnight or in 2-3 days, we deliver through air service. Also, if you want to transport an international package and are short of time, then Air service is one of the best options.

    AMS Courier can help you deliver your courier through Air services and make the timely delivery of the parcel.

  • Cargo Service
  • If you want to deliver bulk goods or heavy packages, you can opt for Cargo Services. We provide cargo services through all the modes of transport, such as air, water and road(land). So, according to our customer's preferences, we deliver the products through the chosen mode of delivery;

  • Ship Service
  • Also, if you are planning to export your product to other countries, or import from other countries, you can choose ship service, as it is one of the most suitable delivery services to deliver your package.

  • Transport Services
  • These services are for businesses and individuals who want to deliver their packages and products in India. Also, if your package size is small and there is no time constraint, so you can use a transport service.

  • Surface Shipping
  • Surface shipping involves sending shipments over land. As It is slower, it is also less expensive than air shipping. Surface shipment is notably preferred for large or heavy cargo, as well as for the transportation of harmful materials that are not suitable for air transport.

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    You can use any means of service to deliver your package or product to your destination or your end consumer. However, we have tried to make your decision easier by explaining the best and most efficient means to deliver your package.

    We also provide Mumbai Local Courier Service, where if you wish to deliver your package within the city in a short period, we can help you deliver the parcel.

    With AMS Services the leading courier company in Mumbai, you can send your package to any part of the world.

    You name it; we can deliver it;

    We can be your one-stop solution to deliver your package on time and with the utmost safety